Who We Are At CFD

CrossFit is an exercise methodology that utilizes constantly varied, functional movements, that are performed at a high intensity. We can better explain that methodology as our workouts never being the same thing day in and day out (constantly varied), our workouts focusing on strengthening your body in the way it moves every single day (functional movements), and being performed at the maximal effort level that is safe while simultaneously producing the greatest results (high intensity). This method of training fosters the greatest amount of growth and change in our bodies while at the same time being fun and never boring.

CrossFit Dahlonega (CFD) is a community of like minded individuals who come together as a family each and every day in order to strive to improve their overall quality of life! We encourage and lift each other up, pushing one another to achieve new and greater levels of physical fitness, improve health markers, and become the best versions of ourselves that we possibly can. In order to do this, we incorporate the CrossFit Methodology into our training which fosters the most fun, energetic, exciting, safe, and enjoyable way to reach our goals.

However, the CrossFit Methodology is not our bread and butter of why we see so many great results. Our community is! We know that achieving any goals in life require the support of a community behind you, cheering you on and pushing you to take that leap to the next level. That's why at CrossFit Dahlonega we do just that. We encourage, cheer on, stand beside and walk through your journey to the best version of yourself right alongside you the whole way. That's what changes people, the community, not just the workouts.

The only question you have to answer is, are you ready for that kind of next level change? If so, stop by CrossFit Dahlonega and let's start the journey together!

101 Ethan Allen Drive
Dahlonega, Georgia 30533 (view larger map)